15 Hal yang Menghalangi Kita untuk Maju

Berharap banyak, bermimpi tinggi, tapi kok stuck di posisi yang sama?

Apa yang salah?

Inilah 15 hal yang menurut Marc and Angel merupakan penghambat kita untuk maju. Baca artikel lengkap di link berikut; http://www.marcandangel.com/2015/04/05/15-things-stopping-you-from-moving-forward/

Inilah 15 poinnya

  1. You change nothing and expect different results (iyap... gue banget)
  2. You keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the right time (yup, ini gue)
  3. Your planning and focus are in disarray (not sure, but maybe)
  4. You refuse to accept necessary risks (iyap, this too)
  5. You make the rejections of yesterday the focal point of today (probably)
  6. You refuse to take responsibility (don't know about this but I think yes)
  7. You want things to be perfect (wow, this is so me)
  8. You avoid the truth (not sure about this)
  9. You close your mind to new ideas and perspectives (I don't think so)
  10. You let a few negative people fill your mind with garbage (perhaps not)
  11. You keep telling yourself the wrong story (uhm.. I don't know, but maybe)
  12. You are holding on to something that’s not real (iyap, this)
  13. You want and expect things to be easy (not really)
  14. You have forgotten the importance of helping others, too (probably yes)
  15. You aren’t taking small steps every day (definitely yes)
Jadi, dari 15 poin di atas, 6 yakin, 5 yes, sisa 4 yang masih ga gitu yakin gue begitu.

Pantesan, gue ga maju-maju, ckck....


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