Grammar Check with Grammarly

Hello my friends,

This is Muha speaking. I have been speaking English better since about 6 years ago. But if we talk about writing skill, I am still very bad, especially the grammar.

After couple years I ignore one service from Grammarly, now I am trying it. I am surprised because the feature is very helpful, not only for checking the miss-spelling, but also the grammar, just like the name of the service.

Now I can write easier in English language as this is not my native language. I really hope my thoughts and my articles can spread wider to all the world so all people in other countries can get the benefit of it. Just a hope anyway.

I currently have 2 English blogs with one sub-blog for each so there are 4 blogs that I have to take care and update with articles to them.

One of the blogs is about technology and gizmos as this is my passion, one of them. Another one is about tech and everything, just like this elmuha's blog.

If you want to visit my English blogs, please be patient because I only want to tell about it after the blogs got success, and I am sure it will.

Okay guys, that's all my first words to test the feature of Grammarly, I would say this service is very helpful, everyone should use it, every non-English-native people MUST use it.

Note; This article is suck, I know. it because sometimes I got nervous, my article on my English blog is better, I think. It's also because no one I know read my English blog.

Mohon share jika dan hanya jika info ini bermanfaat atau menginspirasi :)

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