Healthy Office Chair, should we sit on our knee?

Sitting for a very long time is really bad, not only to your back but also to other body parts. Our stomach, eyes, neck, arm, elbow, hips, leg, and maybe still more.

That's why I always find a way to have better position while writing and working on my laptop, you should as well.

There are quite many invent for healthy chair, the best chair is depend on ourself. As for me, I think and I am quite sure, there is no best chair for us, the best chair is the chair that not being used for a long time.

It will be better and must be the best way to stay healthy if we have several types of chair and we use them alternately.

Sofa, office chair, semi standing chair, or kneeling chair. The last type is the one that I will discuss with you right now.

Kneeling chair, what is this?

From the name itself, we can guess that this chair have relation with or knee.

The best way to explain, just look at this picture.

That looks convenient isn't it?

Our body is not only rely on our hips and bottom but also our leg and knee. That position makes our body can be balanced and have better posture. 

I am not sure about you but I am certain want to use that chair in my workspace. 

How to get the kneeling chair then?

We can buy from several places, just browse "kneeling chair for sale". The other option; we can ask a craftman to build it for us. The last and preferably for me, we can build it, do it yourself.

We can search for the assembly drawing of the chair if we are not skilled on this. What we need is wood/metal, foam/used chair, and couple of tools.

Since I am not build it yet, I cannot show you the instruction, you can browse on google "kneeling chair DIY" for it.

Kneeling chair? Yes Please.....

What about the others? Semi standing chair? Yes maybe I will use it too but for now I prefer the kneeling thing.. I just curious how it feels and how it can support my works.


Artikel di atas adalah tentang kursi sehat untuk bekerja di depan laptop atau di meja untuk waktu yang lama. Artikel berbahasa Inggris karena.. well... orang Indonesia masih dikit yang peduli hal beginian dan benar-benar action. Waktu DPR minta kursi dari Herman Miller yang waktu itu harganya masih 8 jutaan aja pada ribut semua, itu DPR pusat padahal... Apalagi buat dirinya sendiri. :D

Jika Anda berpikiran berbeda dan seperti saya, high five dulu brur!

Mari kita galakkan kampanye hidup (lebih) sehat.

Mohon share jika dan hanya jika info ini bermanfaat atau menginspirasi :)

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