How Donald Trump Wins 2016 United States Election?

They who don't like Trump will just asking why why oh why and how... how this is happen?!

Couple days before the election day, I have this feeling, quite sure that Trump will wins the 2016 election.

How I get this feel? Well, what I see on social media, too many hates for Trump and not too much for Hillary.

You ever heard "bad publicity is a good publicity" right? That's what I think happened.

Hillary people should just promote and do campaign about Hillary, not for the rival Trump. Just focus on good things about Hillary, don't brings hate posts for Trump.

I am sure there are many people that don't really care about the election but because Trump is seems more popular than Hillary, yeah, what you think?!

That's only a small factor for Trump's win, of course there are many others.

I just don't believe that US doesn't have a good figure to be a president after Obama, or maybe it's just go back to standard before Obama becomes president? I don't know.

It happened to my country too, lack of good figures.

Trump or Hillary, both are, yeah you know.

Trump has bad behaviour but also a good ones especially because he is an entrepreneur and entrepreneur actually must have those good characters. Hillary has bad histories that people can't forget and can't forgive, something like that but seems she try to be a good person, you know, for politic impacts?!

As the impact of trump's winning, almost all countries in this world will get influenced. Including my country.

Well I will just enjoy for what happen next, before I die.

Mohon share jika dan hanya jika info ini bermanfaat atau menginspirasi :)

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