It's 2017... yey? or no yey?

Honestly I still can't believe that it's 2017 already. It just feels too fast, I can't feel it, I didn't feel it.

So, no yey!

I still have to be grateful though that I still alive until this day. Alhamdulillah...

What's the resolution then?

Well, I have qHD, HD, and FHD. No 4K yet, sadly yes.

New year resolution is sucks, believe me.

What's more proved to achieve success is, DISCIPLINE!

You can't just seat and playing around, then expect anything will be better. You have to do something, continuously, consistently, with hard work.

In this 2017, I just want to achieve my first goal, after that, I will get my true dreams.

I have plan but I have distraction as well, too many distractions if I can say...

How to be focus?

I don't know, years I have been looking for my solution, there is none.

I love many things, and I have difficulty to prioritize things...

That's what I have to find out first, how to focus on prioritized and sure how to prioritize properly.

Anyway, happy 2017 new year.

Mohon share jika dan hanya jika info ini bermanfaat atau menginspirasi :)

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